A Story 100 Years in the Making

Bobbi Trout - Reach 

(working title)


In 1927, a 21-year-old ignored the fact that she was a girl and threw herself into helping birth American aviation, a new industry that even men feared. Against all odds — lack of money; a broken family; a father who was a compulsive gambler; the looming depression — she did not consider herself a victim of circumstances.  She brushed aside mainstream thought, bobbed her hair, donned men’s clothes and took to the skies. The public admiringly looked up as Bobbi Trout broke one aviation record after another. 


She reached for the American Dream at a time when so many Americans doubted it would ever exist again.

a Flight in Progress
Your enthusiasm, your humor, and all the things you did to help us fly safer and faster, assures that your memory will endure in the skies above us.

Burbank Air Museum

“She was/is a National Treasure and her memory must always be treated with dignity and honor.”

Patty Wagstaff

American Aviator/Aerobatic Champion

“But it was as an authentic person she will be remembered for. In this area she was larger than life . . .
and unforgettable.”

Lorraine O'Donnell Doyle

Daughter of Pioneer Aviatrix Gladys O'Donnell

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